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The IMPA has library at  Main Campus Srinagar and Regional Centre Jammu containing the following primary and secondary source material :

§                           Books, Reports and other Printed matter.

§                           Journals and News letters.

§                           National News papers.

§                           Regional News papers.

§                           Popular Magazines.

§                           CD-ROMs

The two Libraries have 13,100 titles at Main Campus  Library  Srinagar, while at Regional Centre Jammu there are 3000 titles  including 24  journals and 42 CDs to be used in Training/ Research activities. The Library receives 15 Newsletters published by various National and International Organizations/Institutions on complimentary basis.

The library has a rich collection of books, Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers which provide quality information to the faculty and trainee participants. The library information resources is predominately related to Behavioural Sciences, Public Administration, Rural and Urban Development planning, Social Science, Management, Training and Research Methodology, History, Geography & Literature etc. besides subjects of general interest.

The membership of the library is open to the faculty, administrative staff of the institute and trainee participants attending various training programmes. Research Scholars from Universities also make use of the Library resources . The library has a photocopying facility for users.

The library regularly issues circulars to inform the  members of the books etc to be procured. Computerization of library both at Main Campus and Regional Centre has been initiated. The System for procurement of books etc. has been streamlined and made very transparent. The IMPA library at Main campus Srinagar and Regional Centre, Jammu provide support to the varied and growing number of training programmes, research and other academic activities of the institute.

Professional Development

To orient the library staff to the latest developments in the field of library and information science, staff members are deputed to professional conferences and training programmes.


Library Rules and Regulations

  1.  Membership of the library is open to all faculty members and staff members of IMPA.

  2. During the course of any Training Programme, the participants may be given temporary  membership for the duration of the programme, if they so desire.

  3. Members / visitors are required to sign on the Visitors Register at the time of entering the Library.

  4. Library shall remain open on all working days from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm in Summer and from 10.30 am to 04.30 pm in Winter.

  5. Faculty members can borrow five (5) books at a time for a maximum period of two weeks. However, on demand a book / or books so issued can be re-issued for a further period of one week provided there is no pending requisition for the same.

  6. The other staff of the Institute may borrow a maximum of two books at a time for a period of two weeks only.

  7. All the participant of training programme will be allowed to borrow two books at a time. The participants should return the books to the Library before lunch time on the last day of the training programme.

  8. Members can register their requisition for a book/books which stand issued out.

  9. For lost or damaged books, the borrower shall either replace the book or pay amount in

    lieu thereof as per following details besides giving cogent reasons :


                 i)        double the cost for a book published five years back,

                ii)         three times the cost of a book published ten years back,

                iii)       five times the cost for a book published fifteen years back


  10. Reference books, rare books or out of print books will not be issued for use out of the library.

  11.  The periodicals / journals, newspapers shall be consulted in the reading room of the Library during working hours.

  12. In case a book / books so recalled by the Librarian is not returned the borrower shall have to pay Rupees five as fine every day of the default.

  13. The delay in returning a book / books shall attract a fine of Rupees five per day of delay.

  14. The librarian shall prepare a consolidated list of un-returned books at the conclusion of

    June and December every year indicating the issue dates and forward the list so consolidated to Administration section for the information of the Head of the Institute. The SO (Adm.) shall accordingly convey to Accounts Section for appropriate action to ensure recovery of the books from the defaulters.

  15. While seeking No Demand Certificates by a employee for whatever reason NDC shall also be obtained   from the  Library.


IMPA Regional Centre, Near ASCOMS, Sidhra Jammu
Tele: 0191-2100331, 2100288
Tele Fax : 0191-2662953
IMPA, Main Campus, M. A. Road, Srinagar (Kashmir)
Tele: 0194-2472564
Exchange: 0194-2450180/2450126 Tele Fax : 0194-2472825

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