Citizen Charter

What is IMPA?

J&K Institute of Management, Public Administration and Rural Development, J&K IMPA came into existence as an autonomous society under the aegis of the State Government on 04.09.1986. The Institute was created with a view to provide in-service training to the state government employees as also to undertake action research in areas of crucial importance to the administration of the state. IMPA endeavors to upgrade the knowledge skills and to bring in required attitudes among its clientele group. IMPA sensitizes the trainee participants about the impact of various emerging challenges in the field of Administration , Management and Rural Development. J&K IMPA at present functions at Srinagar and Jammu. IMPA’s activities and contact details can be seen on its website:



The vision of IMPA is to focus on the policies and training programmes that benefit the employees of the UT by improving the operations and managerial efficiency, energizing the democratic decentralization process by capacity building, promoting the rural development process by dissemination of information with the use of latest technology.

To act as ‘Think Tank’ as well as Apex Knowledge Centre for assisting Government in policy formulation and decision making processes.

Function as a capable capacity building Institution to fulfill demand driven human development needs of government for improved work flow delivery through sustainable, innovative and contemporary means.



  • To examine and analyze the factors contributing to the improvement of economic and social well being of people of the UT on a sustainable basis with special focus on the disadvantaged groups by undertaking applied research, consultancy and documentation.

  • To facilitate the application and adoption of contemporary Administrative Reforms with particular emphasis and focus on the government employees by improving their knowledge, skills and attitudes through trainings, workshops, seminars and presentations. This should in the long run enrich the intellectual capital of the bureaucracy.

  • To be a centre of excellence for value based management education and research, through continuous learning, societal responsiveness and strategic partnerships.

  • To establish & maintain libraries, documentation & information services.

  • To undertake & assist in organizing of training & study courses, conferences, seminars & lecturers.

  • To create a learning culture that values freedom of thought, inquiry, expression, sharing, innovation, teamwork and dissent and respects the unique professional genius of each individual by developing and utilising distinctive strengths, foster a quality of individuality, teamwork and organisation with exemplary standards of competence, integrity, transparency and trust.

  • Provide training to the civil servants for encouraging learning and creativity leading to efficiency and public good.

  • Collaborate with other organizations, institutions, associations with continued interface for enhancing the quality of training.

  • Institute aims at inculcating a sense of purpose, greater dedication and appropriate skills among the officers and officials of the government in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities.


Business Transacted:

IMPA is engaged in the following activities with a view to achieving the related activities:

i. Design and conduct training programmes, organize conferences, seminars and Workshops for Civil Servants of the State. A proforma is distributed among the trainees for assessing the effectiveness of various components of each training programme and their relevance to the specific needs of the clientele groups. On the basis of the feedback, overall effectiveness of the training activity is measured for reviewing training packages to be conducted subsequently.

ii. Conduct sponsored Training programmes for various Departments and other agencies as per their individual training requirements ,recommendations and as per the guidelines of the Government of India ;

iii. Undertake, support, promote and coordinate research at the Institute level as well as through other agencies. Greater emphasis is laid on the action research and its application aspects.

iv. Study various aspects of the Administration, Management, Panchayati Raj Institutions, local level governance across the state on periodic basis;

v. Analyze and propose solutions to problems in planning and implementation of the programmes for Administration, Management and Rural Development;

vi. Disseminate information through newsletter and Annual Reports;

vii. Impart pre-recruitment coaching to the aspirants of Administrative and other competitive examinations.



The clientele of IMPA includes Higher, Middle and Lower Level Employees of the state government , elected representatives of State Government, employees of other Organizations and academicians from colleges, universities and institutions. IMPA also offers Training programmes under the Sponsorship programme of the Government of India.